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Client Case Studies

Ever since we have initiated our service, we have been experiencing interesting client’s cases. This is to share unique ones only and is intended to build your confidence upon us. No matter what your case is, study this page and let us tackle your academic writing problems effectively.

James story:

A graduate student came to us, he was bit confused about his thesis question. As he barely knows anything about his thesis topic, we decided to help him at first place. We assigned a good writer and a research expert immediately who can solve the quest with latest information available on that subject. After a week, James approached us again and shared a new set of specifications. We did all the research work again and our writer started writing a new paper. The deadline was approaching near and James was bit nervous. Just before the deadline, James told us that his tutor had asked to adopt sampling as a research method and he forgot to share this detail with us. His case was then forwarded to our Senior Advisor, who suggested to re-do the Research Methodology chapter. Our research analysts, experts and senior writers helped a great deal in determining few trends that can help sampling method without conducting actual sampling research technique.

The next day James submitted his assignment and was rewarded by an A. He thanked us and kept on coming back and referring us to his friends and fellows. Whatever the challenge is, we are proficient in building futures.

Teresa’s Case:

She was a Masters student and was quite anxious about her dissertation accomplishment. She was already late with the assignment as she was putting her efforts on other writing services and was either returned empty handed or with low level assignment papers. This all happened to her just before the deadline. She told us about her problem and our expert instantly answered her positively. She had to submit the first draft the next day, as she was late with the assignment. We investigated the topic and relevant details from her while our team had started their work already.

Within 24 hours, we handed her the first draft and she was so pleased as if the whole assignment is accomplished. She submitted the draft and it got approved. She gained trust upon us and shared the schedule for delivering first draft of each dissertation chapter initially and then, a final deadline for final dissertation delivery. We provided her with our best research and writing services and before she actually submitted her final and completed dissertation, she praised our efforts and referred us to her mates and junior students. We did all from scratch and her dissertation was successfully passed through plagiarism detectors. She got success and we got our pride.


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